You don’t just take a photograph, you make it. And the more you put into the shot, the greater the picture. Our photographic studios are set in Cambridgeshire, Shropshire and Trondheim, Norway. By investing time to really understand your vision, we are committed to delivering you pictures that make it impossible to turn the page. Photography influences emotions and change businesses. Strike One Media is also a partner in Outdoor Photographic Library specialising in nature. If you want portraits, landscapes, product shots, drop us a line to discuss your ideas. We’ll help make it happen.

Photographic bank

We have a large catalogue of exclusive images for use on-page or online covering wildlife, plants, flowers, and gardens with images running across all seasons.

Product photography

We have two in-house professional studios ready and waiting to put your ideas into an aesthetic visual form.

Interior Photography

Director of Photography, Matt Hayes, took this shot using a Canon tilt and shift architectural lens and features a lounge in a 19 century Norwegian farmhouse. 

Windiness fishing lodge

A ‘narrative’ image for Winsnes Lodge, in Norway. It portrays the brand essence and services of this fishing lodge, pub and restaurant.

Wildlife photography

A large selection of wildlife pictures covering all key UK insects, birds and animals. Available for business or personal use – a popular catalogue for our clients.

Landscape Photography

Dawn at Cragwood House, on Lake Windermere, in the Lake District. The image was used in an EMAP magazine to capture the excitement and solitude of angling on big waters.