Package Design

Packaging is something we’re bombarded with on a daily basis. So creating an eye-catching packaging design that can be reproduced for years is a real challenge, especially with many companies now wanting to create biodegradable or renewable packaging. Now more than ever, packaging design matters. Unique packaging opens doors into retail. And brilliant design takes your products to the consumer and propels sales to new heights. At Strike One Media the process of being able to get inside the head of the target audience and inside the mind of the manufacturer has ensured our designs are on the shelves of some of Britain and Europe’s biggest retailers.

Animal Food Kalas

A new range of dog and cat food for key high street stores such as The Range. The packaging had to be instantly recognisable and communicate the benefits of the feed.

Noodle Bar research

A packaging prototype for testing by the team behind the Noodle Bar concept in the North of England. A range of fast food oriental style.

Verm Jellybaits

A new fishing tackle bait range for independent retailers and big box stores including Go Outdoors and The Range. The product is now in-store.

Haven Suet Treats

A quality birdfood brand for big box stores. The competition is fierce and consumers demand value for money but also a sense of quality from their investment.

Fladen carp boilies

An entry level fishing SKU for high street stores, the packaging costs are kept to an absolute minimum to suppress the RRP, but the product still demands sophisticated communication.

Bait Factory Apex

One of a family of fishing baits under the Bait Factory banner. It is a premium range and the project included originating individual names through to packaging.